9/11: Wake Up

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Research for this document is backed by verifiable sources: official public documents, testimonies, investigative journalists, ex-military/govt officials, whistle-blowers, mainstream media, alternative media, and numerous sourced books. Despite my confidence in what I’ve written, this document is only meant to provoke thought [and hopefully some emotion].

Ever since Occupy Wall Street began in 2011, I’ve become increasingly interested in learning about the issues of our country/world (income inequality, corporate greed, corruption in politics, etc). Despite the protests’ general lack of focus, I had never in my life seen a movement of this magnitude. Living in NYC, I bore witness to Occupy everyday. And I asked myself: How did we get here? Was this just the ebbs and flows of financial markets, or was there something more going on? It seemed like society was scrambling for answers to an overwhelming number of issues it didn’t fully understand. I realized I myself didn’t understand all the issues; I just knew there were far too many for me to accept. I was angry just like everyone else, but what good is our anger if we don’t know how or where to direct it?

I believe that we have collectively failed to uphold our basic responsibilities to our society and planet. We’ve become so preoccupied with our own lives, we simply don’t have the time or care to follow news stories beyond the major headlines. The headlines we do follow are limited, biased and short-lived in our memories. How can we expect the good of humanity to keep our system in check if we’re not properly educated and aware of the real issues? Is CNN going to tell us the truth and keep us informed on what matters? If you look at the build up to the Iraq War in 2003, our mainstream media desperately failed us. Millions of people died and trillions of dollars were wasted because of that war, only to leave our own country on the brink of economic collapse. This level of criminality and deception has been going on for decades, and at some point we have to ask ourselves: Why does this keep happening?

My curiosity peaked in June 2013, when NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked to the world what we had feared since the dawn of the Internet: that our government has been extensively surveilling its own people with the help of major services we use everyday [Google, Facebook, Verizon, etc]. Anything and everything that we’ve ever done in the digital world is captured and analyzed by the NSA and other government agencies around the world. The stated purpose of all this excessive surveillance was national security, to protect us from the terrorists; but I knew there had to be more to the truth. So I began investigating the event directly responsible for all of our 21st century terrorism paranoia: 9/11; more specifically, 9/11 “conspiracy theories”. I know very well how sensitive this topic is for most people, so I will caution: if this subject is too uncomfortable for you, then please do not read any further; this is not for you.

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F. Kennedy

I had seen a few conspiracy videos on YouTube in the past, but nothing ever clicked for me. I always felt “truthers” were being disrespectful to the victims’ families. I didn’t like the dramatic music/effects of the videos, the followers didn’t appear to be intelligent, and the whole “movement” had a cheap/tacky feel; as if they were trying to sell me something or wanted attention. But this time I tried not to let my past judgements get in the way of the information. I considered all the warnings, lies, cover-ups, physical impossibilities, endless coincidences, families’ struggles to find answers, and the ultimate motive of 9/11, all of which I will highlight in this document. Once I saw the big picture, it was blatantly obvious what they had done. I was freaked out, angry, and wanted to know more. For over two years I continued to learn about the true history of our country and the people who control it. I realized that 9/11 was only the tip of a massive, global conspiracy that has been around for over a century, and all of it was connected to the systemic problems we face today. I personally believe that people must come to face this truth if we are to have any hope of solving the issues we claim to care about. That is why I’ve put this together.

I’ve kept this document as short as possible, using only information that could be verified by other sources you would consider credible [CNN, NYTimes, etc]. I consider this to be a mere introduction to the subject, and more importantly, a mere example of a much larger systemic issue. Here are a few suggestions as you read through this document:

  • Online Discussions: Avoid reading these if you can. Online debates today are being faked/manipulated as a form of modern day propaganda, which is now officially legal in the U.S. Don’t always assume the people behind those article and video comments are genuine.
  • Mainstream Media: I know most of us rely on mainstream media as our source for news and truth, but you should know that at the core, our mainstream media is broken. Well over 90% of what we see, hear and read is owned by one of only 6 corporations, each with their own bottom-line. But it’s not just ratings and corporate sponsors they have to cater to [1]. The government themselves have direct ties to the leadership in our mainstream and social media, which allows them to influence the narrative. This doesn’t mean they are all “in on it”, but it does mean that content can be controlled/scripted/curated so that taboo, anti-government subjects like 9/11 conspiracies are removed from the public discourse [pre-censorship]. Our free press and hard-hitting journalism have died out decades ago, and ever since the media has been used as a tool for public manipulation. Keeping that in mind, here is a MSM search query I created to help you with your research.
  • Debunking Claims: It is very important to approach this subject from all sides of the argument. However, keep in mind that just about anything can be “debunked”, that doesn’t make it true or conclusive. Ultimately only an unbiased, independent investigation can sort the facts.
  • Cognitive Dissonance: There are unconscious psychological factors at play when the mind is presented with conflicting beliefs/ideas/values to that of its own. The resulting discomfort we experience under these conditions is known as cognitive dissonance. The mind’s response to this discomfort is to subconsciously protect the original belief, idea, or value by rejecting the conflicting information [you may’ve already experienced this]. Observe this phenomenon as you continue reading, and let those feelings pass in the name of objectivity.
  • Take Your Time: It took me many months and countless hours of persistent research to fully digest all of the known information about 9/11. This is not something you can properly comprehend in one night, especially if your current beliefs are strong. If you come across something that seems incorrect, take note of it and keep going. Remember, no individual piece of information I or anyone else presents is expected to be “proof” of a conspiracy; it’s about the big picture. Click through each of the links I have provided, and follow up with research on your own.

The Official Story

According to the 9/11 official story, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked 4 commercial passenger airliners, steering one plane into each of the World Trade Center towers, one plane into the Pentagon, and the last airplane into an empty field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. WTC1 and WTC2 both allegedly collapsed due to jet fuel fires that burned for 56min and 102min respectively. Despite there being no evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 9/11, the Bush administration knew it was bin Laden and al-Queda within only 9 days. As a result, less than a month after the attacks, the U.S. formally declared War with al-Queda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Less than 2 months after, Congress passed the historic USA PATRIOT Act [more on that below]. Within 2 years, the U.S. declared war with Iraq on the basis of intentionally falsified claims of weapons of mass destruction [WMDs], Saddam Hussein’s imminent intent to use them against the U.S., and the alleged purchase of nuclear materials from Africa [all of which turned out to be a lie]. 2,996 people died on 9/11, and millions have died in its wake.

The Conspiracy

Key members of the Bush Administration, along with covert military/intelligence agencies within the U.S. and ally countries [Israel, Saudi Arabia, and U.K], orchestrated the attack to pin blame on al-Queda, justify the invasion of Afghanistan [for resources, drug trade, strategic purposes], and ultimately the invasion of Iraq [for oil and protection of the petrodollar]; both of which served the most powerful industry in the U.S.: the military-industrial complex. In addition, 9/11 enabled the U.S. to pass numerous draconian laws to further diminish our rights/liberties, establish a culture of fear, and advance the control over the American people. The 2 towers that fell [WTC1, WTC2] were both destroyed using advanced pre-planted explosives, hence their symmetrical, accelerating collapse. Unknown to most Americans, a 3rd skyscraper [WTC7] also collapsed on 9/11 via controlled demolition. The plane that hit the Pentagon was likely not a 757 jet [1][2], and the plane that crashed near Shanksville, PA was likely shot down en route to its intended target [not brought down by hero passengers]. After fighting against an investigation for over a year, the Bush Administration conceded to public pressure and authorized the 9/11 Commission to investigate the attack. To this day, the investigation has left many unanswered questions that millions of people around the world demand answers to.

Arguments for a New, Independent Investigation

  • 9/11 Commission: I believe that the cover up surrounding the 9/11 Commission is the biggest smoking gun of the conspiracy, more so than WTC7 [see below]. 6 of the 10 commissioners believe that the investigation was delayed, underfunded, and setup to fail. The Bush Administration fought off the need for any investigation, until public pressure forced his hand 442 days after the attack. Bush initially appointed Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission. After outrage over obvious conflicts of interest, Kissinger stepped down only to be replaced by Philip Zelikow, another conflict of interest. The Bush Administration also prevented access to White House documents and prohibited key members of the Administration to testify, including Condoleezza Rice who was eventually forced by more outrage to testify. Bush and Cheney also eventually agreed to meet with the Commission, but only under the condition that they met in private, together, and not under oath. The Commission was initially given a budget of only $3 million, and after months of deliberating, they were given an additional $12 million [Columbia Investigation: $50 million, Challenger Investigation: $75 million, Clinton Investigation: $80 million]. Every argument I’ve heard about 9/11 eventually comes back to the fact that we’ve already had a thorough investigation. But this investigation was anything but thorough; it was a cover up.
  • WTC Building 7: WTC7 is widely considered to be the smoking gun of the 9/11 conspiracy. If you ask Americans how many towers fell on 9/11, about half of them will say only 2, largely because our government/media have deliberately avoided mentioning WTC7, and especially avoided showing the videos of its collapse. WTC7 was a 47 story skyscraper that was not hit by a plane and collapsed in perfect symmetry, achieving free fall acceleration for 2.25 seconds. Free fall acceleration [9.8 m/s/s] means for that 2.25 seconds, the building was met with zero resistance, accelerating towards the Earth as if you were to drop a bowling ball from the sky. The entire building collapsed in only 6.6 seconds, less than 1 second of total free fall acceleration. To destroy key evidence, all of the WTC7 steel was shipped/sold to China only a few months after 9/11, and construction on the new building began in less than 9 months. Regardless, scientists like Professor Steven Jones have analyzed the dust and steel remnants from the collapses and found elements that make up commonly known explosives and incendiaries [1]. After seeing the videos of the 3 collapses, you would think the 9/11 Commission would test for explosives themselves, but they never did. What do you think?
  • Explosions & Eyewitnesses: There were numerous witnesses reporting secondary explosions unrelated to the planes’ impacts [1]. As seen in these videos, the most compelling arguments are the reports of secondary explosions in the basements and lobbies of the towers [the planes hit above the 93rd and 75th floors]. William Rodriguez was the last person out of the North Tower. He saved many lives that day, and openly speaks out about his experience. These eyewitnesses were not considered in the 9/11 Commission Report [503 officially interviewed/documented].
  • NORAD & War Games: The North American Aerospace Defense Command is integral part of our massive military, capable of intercepting hijacked aircraft anywhere in the U.S. within minutes. On the morning of 9/11, our military was conducting multiple war game drills simulating the hijacking of commercial airliners [1]. These exercises severely hampered our response by diverting resources and creating confusion. As a result, not one of the 4 hijacked planes was intercepted in the time the planes were airborne [Flight 93: 103min]. In addition to the war games, there was a last minute shake up of our military’s chain of command, further hampering the response time of NORAD. In testimony, it was revealed that Cheney even gave the order to stand down, regarding the shoot down of the plane approaching the Pentagon.
  • Pre-knowledge and Warnings: Many warnings as late as August 2001 were received by the Bush Administration about the threat of a terrorist attack by Bin Laden in the U.S [1]. These warnings were ignored and not taken seriously because of a “failure of imagination” [1]. After-all, who could conceive of airplanes flying into buildings [1][2]? A year before the attack, Operation Able Danger explicitly identified 4 of the hijackers who were operating inside the U.S., but this information was deliberately ignored [1]. President Bush even ordered the FBI and military intelligence to back off their investigations into the Saudis prior to 9/11. Keep in mind that pre-knowledge of terrorist activity and the alleged conspiracy are not incompatible. These details are the nature of an elaborate cover up.
  • Financing & Insider Trading: The 9/11 Commission never investigated who financed the 19 hijackers, because the issue was of “little practical significance“. Today, we have members of the Senate fighting for the declassification of 28 pages of a 2002 Senate inquiry which suggests that the Saudi Government [our close ally] were the key financiers of the attacks. Apart from this, there is also evidence of significant insider trading on the day before 9/11, which was also ignored by the 9/11 Commission. In this interview, Michael C. Ruppert outlines the details of the suspicious financial activity surrounding 9/11.
  • The PATRIOT Act: This 342 page document, created less than 2 months after the attack, passed the House and Senate within only 2 days of its introduction. It has been suggested that The PATRIOT Act was written well before 9/11, just waiting for the opportune moment to garner support. This Act is responsible for the extensive over-reaches of government surveillance, loss of civil liberties, and the excessive militarized police we see today. Since then, President Obama has continued to quietly persist and enhance George Bush’s policies on terrorism.
  • Larry Silverstein: Silverstein, international real-estate tycoon, acquired a 99-year lease on the WTC complex six weeks before the attack. He won $4.6 billion in insurance payouts after 9/11, and sought an additional $12.3 billion in damages from airlines and airport security. He is infamous for having said he made the decision to “pull it” regarding WTC7, a commonly used phrase in the field of demolition. Larry coincidentally did not go into work on the morning of 9/11, something he had done every day since his acquisition of the WTC.
  • Recommended Documentaries/Videos: 9/11 Press for Truth, The New Pearl Harbor, The Century of the Self, Collapse, George Carlin Exposing Government, Top Documentary Films

Videos of Lying, Slip-ups and Admissions

Cost of War

  • Human Cost:

Note: Casualties of war are very difficult to estimate accurately, and they depend on who is doing the counting. More often than not, these numbers are actually much higher than what our officials estimate, especially when it comes to civilian casualties.

    • Iraq War
      • 4,491+ U.S. Military Personnel have died in combat [1].
      • 1.2 million+ civilians have died; this averages to approximately 378 deaths each day over 8 years, 8 months of war [1].
      • Hundreds of thousands have been wounded [1].
      • 5 million+ have been displaced from their homes [1].
    • Afghanistan War
      • 2,358+ U.S. Military Personnel have died in combat [1].
      • 26,000+ civilians have died [1].
      • Hundreds of thousands have been wounded [1].
      • 3.5 million+ have been displaced from their homes [1].
  • Financial Cost: The U.S. has spent an estimated $4,000,000,000,000 to $6,000,000,000,000 [Trillions] on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars [1][2].
  • Suicides/Veteran Care: More than 3,000 U.S. Military Personnel have committed suicide, surpassing deaths due to actual combat in 2012 and 2013 [1]. In addition, it was recently revealed that ⅓ of the 847,000 veterans have died waiting for care from the VA [1].
  • Drone Strikes: Since 2002, the U.S. has killed more than 5,581 people with 642 drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia [countries we are not at war with]; the majority of which were women, children, and innocent “militants” [1][2]. According to this report, for every targeted “terrorist” there are 28 resulting deaths, or “collateral damage”. Here is one real life drone story: The Wedding That Became a Funeral. Here is drone video footage famously leaked by Bradley Manning [in jail for the next 35 years]: Collateral Murder.
  • Torture: The inhumane acts of torture used post 9/11 is something every American had the opportunity to know about, but never cared. The people subjected to this torture were held indefinitely without trial and were often innocent. Here is a glimpse of what we did [graphic content]Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Today, we have the equivalent of these CIA “Black Sites” here in the U.S. [Chicago], where absence of due process and torture are the norm. These are not just a “few bad apples”; this is a symptom of a much bigger, systemic issue.
  • Chemical/Biological Warfare: Ever since the Persian Gulf War, we have been using depleted uranium and white phosphorous in combat in Iraq, and it has been the cause of widespread birth defects throughout the country. This not the first time we have used toxic chemicals in warfare.
  • Militarized Police: Over the past 3 decades, the “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror” have brought billions of dollars worth of military combat equipment to local police forces [1]. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail and because of that, police brutality has steadily been on the rise for decades. What are they gearing up for?

Opposing Arguments

  • “Our government would never kill their own people”: This misconception is rooted in the assumption that it’s “our government” that’s doing this; it’s not. Since the end of WWII, our country, people and values have been subverted by foreign interests from the inside out [1]. This is power that goes far beyond the Presidency, and is the same force that eliminated President Kennedy when he clashed against their agendas. The people who orchestrated these attacks do not have our best interests in mind, only their own. Everything is justified as a means to an end, and thus their actions are free from the human emotions of guilt and empathy that we feel [psychopaths]. It’s important to understand the distinction between a legitimate government that respects the U.S. Constitution, and those that pervert it. Remember this the next time you think a government would never kill their own people [Operation Northwoods].
  • “The government is too incompetent to orchestrate 9/11”: The public officials you see in the media do not represent the pinnacle of governmental hierarchy or capabilities [not even close]. Key elements of the Bush Administration were involved, but the conspiracy went well beyond the positions of power we are aware of. Think military and intelligence assets [U.S., Israel, U.K.] who represent the very best capabilities in the world; most of which we don’t even know about. The people who really run this country are far more intelligent than you are led to believe.
  • “Too many people would have to be involved to keep it a secret”: There only needed to be a few people at the very top of the chain of command to be fully aware of the grand vision of 9/11. The other 75% likely did not even realize the role they were playing due to organizational strategies such as compartmentalization and plausible deniability. The few who have tried to come forward are met with fear, bribes, intimidation, and in some cases death. The media will not cover 9/11 conspiracies, scientists/scholars don’t want to risk ruining their credibility, and everyday people are ridiculed and ignored for even mentioning it.
  • “It’s more likely that the Bush Administration knew it was coming and let it happen”: I’ll start by asking, is there really any difference? So we stood by as we were gifted with the precise catastrophe the Project for a New American Century was hoping for [“A New Pearl Harbor”]? There isn’t a difference, and if you believe there is, you should be all the more outraged to learn that we did indeed plan and carry out this elaborate disaster. And if you do feel even the slightest outrage over 9/11, don’t stop there. Keep digging. The rabbit hole of truth is endless, and its exposure has the power to spark a much needed revolution of consciousness within ourselves and each other.

The Issue of Privacy

Coming back to Edward Snowden and privacy, we’re faced today with the question: “Why does privacy matter?” Most people I’ve talked to say they don’t care if the government can see what cat videos they’ve watched online. Our President even tells us that if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to worry about [1]. This is not only a wildly hypocritical argument [1][2], it also undermines what it means to be a free and open society. Perhaps you don’t care about your privacy because you do nothing “wrong”, but then it’s really not about you. What this surveillance is about is controlling, identifying, and neutralizing “enemies of the state”. Our ever expanding definition of who is a considered a terrorist includes political dissidents, investigative journalists, protesters, activists, and whistleblowers. These are the people who stand up and fight on the behalf of society; and their voices are being squashed by the perversion of our constitutional rights, just as the FBI did in the 60’s [COINTELPRO]. When we’re stripped of everything that it means to be an American, we no longer have a free press, we no longer have transparency, and we no longer have a democracy. Without privacy, it’s game over.


The purpose of this document was not to raise 9/11 awareness. It’s unfortunately too late to expose the crime, the damage has been done. Moving forward we need to confront the roots of what made 9/11 and its aftermath possible. Criminality on this level cannot exist without our consent, and that inherently makes all of us responsible for the suffering of others. It’s time to collectively look inward and wake up from this dream that the U.S. is the exception to the corruption and evil we see around the world. We are not the exception and we are not exceptional. We are human beings just like everyone else, and because of that we are just as vulnerable to the inherent human flaws that have existed since the beginning of civilization.

We’ve created this system for ourselves and the rest of the world that’s built on infinite growth in a world with finite resources, and it’s not only unsustainable, it’s degrading our society and environment faster than we could imagine. So where is all this heading? This is what I believe will happen in the coming years: Our systems will to continue to break down more and more [economic, political, energy, health, environment, conflict]. Within the next 5-10 years, we will reach our tipping point, and enter an extended period of global unrest, which we already see starting to take place. There are many potential catalysts culminating to this inevitability, one of which could be another staged “terrorist” event. Regardless of what ultimately triggers the coming collapse, the following years will be a difficult transitional period, and we should all be prepared for this [think FEMA and Martial Law].

But it will also be a momentous time for society; a time when we have the opportunity to collectively stand up and say, enough is enough. I’m not asking you to go out in the streets and protest 9/11 or our unjust wars; that’s not for everyone. All I know is that first, “you’ve got to get mad“. Don’t simply go to the voting booth every 4 years, pick the lesser of two evils, feel like you’ve participated in your country, and then wonder why everything is still so fucked up; over and over and over again. This is insanity. If we are to have any hope for a brighter future for ourselves, for our children, and for our country, then a collective awakening must take place, and we must all be a part of it. Awareness and education is 70% of the battle, because I believe people will automatically begin to do the right things once they’ve learned what the truth is. The truth, as they say, will set us all free.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi